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Steel Ball Application

Stainless steel ball:

Special bearings and pumps, aerosol pumps, gardening and household sprayers, pre compressed perfumery pumps, seams, medical application valves, agricultural backpack sprayers, recirculating balls. They are used in foodstuff, chemical, naval, aerospace and military industry.

Carbon steel ball:

Low precision bearings, furniture bearings, bicycle and automotive components, agitators, sliding rails, drawer rails, skates, roller conveyors, castors, locks, bearing units. Utilized in burnishing, polishing and milling machineries. Furniture rails and rollers, drawers and rolling bearings, locks, oilers and greasers, skates, caddies, toys, belt and roller conveyors, tumble finishing. Bike and motor-bike components.

Chrome steel ball:

Precision bearings, automotive components (brakes, steering, line shaft), ball transfer units, linear ball bearings, bike and motor-bike components, appliances, quick couplings, machine tool, lock mechanisms, conveyor belts, skates, ball pens, pumps, castors, measurement instruments, valves, recirculating balls. Utilized in browning, polishing and milling machineries.

Metal alloy ball:

Special bearings, special pumps and valves, flow meters, recirculating balls, measurement instruments. Foodstuff, paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, naval, oil & gas, textile, aeronautical and aerospace industry.

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